The Transformation Project

Since the acquisition in 2011, Alice Benessia initiated an experimental artistic and scientific research project to collectively transform Pianpicollo Selvatico into a farm for research in the Arts and Sciences. The project won three European Union Grants for the renovation of the land and the buildings.

Cantieri Materiali _ Material Sites

A group of architects, engineers and agronomists from the University and the Politecnico of Torino teamed with local artisans and farmers to study, renovate and rejuvenate the energy and water systems, the land and the structure of the buildings.

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Cantieri Immateriali_ Immaterial Sites

A group of artists and researchers were invited to participate to a series of residencies at Pianpicollo Selvatico between the fall of 2013 and the summer of 2016. The renovation of the buildings was complemented with their work. The walls, the stones, the woods, the land and the energy of Pianpicollo were transformed during that time. The process required patience and endurance. The artists engaged in their own process with their skills, poetic and sensibility: in the same place and at the same time. It became a collective experiment about the endless possibilities of creative dialogue with nature.

Viaggio di Psiche | Sista Bramini | Work for Theater in Nature

Vitalba Deck | Andrea Caretto e Raffaella Spagna | Permanent Installation

E lù me Amù and Passi Cantati | Camilla dell’Angola e Valentina Turrini | Polyphonic Vocal performance

Piano Selvatico | Anthony di Furia | Soundscape Recording and Composition

Forest Garden | Vincenzo Guarnieri | Living Sculpture and Edible Experiment

La Dote | Donatella Murtas | Cultural and Historical Landscape for a Future Parish Map

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The Transformation Project has been opened to the public in its intermediated stage in July 2014, in the event Pianpicollo Selvatico_Cantieri Aperti

Its concluding session has been open to the public in August 2016, in the event Pianpicollo Selvatico _ Opening

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